However Wide The Sky – Places of Power, The Lensic in cooperation with Silver Bullet Productions

The history and spirituality of the Indigenous People of the American Southwest are deeply rooted in the Land.  Since the beginning of time, they have been stewards and protectors of their home lands, past and present.  These places intimately connect the People and their beliefs to the natural world.  No place is ever abandoned, the landscape is forever living.  This is their story of the Land and who they are.

HOWEVER WIDE THE SKY: PLACES AND POWER documents the rich history and significance of the Land, and answers the question – Is all land Sacred.  As told by Tribal Leaders, scientists, historians and educators, a journey narrated by Indigenous Actress Tantoo Cardinal, travels the paths of creation and migration of time immemorial.  Each place: Chaco Canyon, Bears Ears, Zuni Salt Lake, Mount Taylor, Pueblo of Santa Ana, Taos Blue Lake, Mesa Prieta and Santa Fe, has its own story of cultural Strength and sustained connection through the continuous fight to protect the integrity and existence of these places of power.

General Admission – FREE

Donations Encouraged.

Proceeds will benefit
Silver Bullet Productions.


May 19 2022


7:00 pm


Lensic Performing Arts Center
211 W. San Francisco, Santa Fe, NM 87501