Institute for American Indian Arts Symposium on the History of IAIA and MoCNA

Established in 1962 under the leadership of Lloyd Kiva New (Cherokee) pictured above, Dr. George Boyce, and others, IAIA embodied a bold and innovative approach to arts education that was revolutionary for the time. Now, sixty years later, IAIA continues to fill a vital role as the only fine arts college in the world dedicated to the study of contemporary Native American and Alaska Native arts. Its culturally based curricula, innovative teaching, critical inquiry, and intergenerational learning inspire students and prepare them for success and leadership that reflects Native cultures and values. As a 1994 Land-Grant institution, IAIA provides training and outreach that promotes tribal sovereignty and self-determination.

Over the past six decades, IAIA’s influence on the art world has been monumental. “With the start of the Institute of American Indian Arts, students were encouraged to experiment,” says IAIA President Dr. Robert Martin (Cherokee Nation). “The boundaries were limitless. Our students were taught to develop their artistic style without being bound by tradition or history.” According to Dr. Martin, what makes IAIA such a great institution is its student body who enrich the campus community with their diversity, creativity, talents, and passion. “What I’ve admired most during my tenure here is observing the evolution of our students’ creativity and the ways in which they learn to take risks and manifest other leadership qualities while advancing their artistic expression.”

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Oct 16 - 17 2022


Institute of American Indian Arts
83 Avan Nu Po Road, Santa Fe, NM 8750