SITElab 16: Nanibah Chacon (Navajo & Chicana): SPECTRUM, SITE Santa Fe

SITE Santa Fe is proud to present; SPECTRUM, a new body of work from artist Nani Chacon (b.1980 Chinle, Diné) that explores cultural repair and radical colonial resistance through masterful visual storytelling and re-telling. Composed of 10 newly commissioned large-scale paintings and a survey of Chacon’s public murals and personal archive, SPECTRUM draws inspiration from traditional Diné creation mythology, and blends this with Chacon’s own experiences as a contemporary Indigenous artist.

Nanibah “Nani” Chacon is a Dine (Navajo) and Chicana artist, most recognized as a painter and muralist. Chacon was born in Gallup, New Mexico and raised on the Navajo reservation and in New Mexico. She is currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Chacon’s most notable works have been within the public arts sector, in which she has a cumulative experience of over twenty years. Her practice includes other mediums and a developed aptitude in painting, illustration, installation, and design. Chacon’s public works facilitate social engagement and community-based integration, elevating her personal philosophy that art should be accessible and a meaningful catalyst for social change.

Her work has been recognized for its unique style and attentiveness to site specific location and content, as well as the integration of socio-political issues that affect women and indigenous peoples. Chacon’s work focuses on figurative subject matter while exploring concepts within indigenous culture, bringing the complexity of indigenous identities to the forefront. The content of her work is used to incite dialogue through philosophical personification and abstract metaphor.

Chacon received her bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of New Mexico in 2003. She has seven years of teaching experience and in writing curriculum for alternative education programs. She currently exhibits across the United States and abroad. She has maintained a career as a painter, muralist, educator, and activist creating works both nationally and internationally, receiving commissions and collaboration opportunities worldwide. Chacon works with multiple organizations and institutions, the most notable being: The National Endowment for the Arts, California Endowment for the Arts, US Consulate and Embassy in Russia, The Obama Foundation, NM Public Arts Foundation, National Museum of Mexican Art Chicago, Navajo Nation Museum National Hispanic Cultural Center and the Museum of Native Contemporary Art. Her clients have included: Facebook Go Pro, NBC Universal, NPR, Comedy Central, Honor the Earth, and Sons and Brothers.

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Apr 08 2022 - Aug 21 2022


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